News 1. Upcoming show.

Dominanz will have a really delayed release party, for their latest album Noxious, in their home town Bergen the 16th of May at Inside Rock Cafe. This will be a special night with guest singers and some songs we have never played before.

News 2. New line up.

The talented guitarist Luis have joined forces with us!


A while ago, our guitarist from the very beginning, Jørn Tunsberg came to the conclusion that it was for the best to leave Dominanz so he could focus 100% on his other band Hades- True Dark Norwegian Black Metal. We are very grateful that we got the opportunity to exploit his creativity the past few years, especially with our latest release Noxious. As huge fans of Hades we are looking forward to their next chapter. We salute you Jørn. Cheers, Roy Mathisen and Frode Gaustad



News 4. Photo session at Garnes Station

We had a cold experience outside in rain and wind shooting some pictures, but we think the result went out quite good. Thanks to the talented photographer Monika Kaczynska!

News 5. Thanks Balticum

It has been three amazing days supporting Inquisition and Solstafir. We would like to say thank you to everyone in Riga and Vilnius, and a special thanks to Janis, ALT events orgs. and Ruta for showing us around in Vilnius. And thanks to Omerta for letting us use their equipment! Cheers!

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Photos/graphics by:  cmisje cadiesart

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