The End of All There Is



October 2010 Dominanz released the single The End Of All There Is. It was the first single for their critically aclaimed album As I Shine

The musicvideo ,The End Of All There Is, was filmed in a place called Dale, deep in a valley of Fjord. The video was recorded in a huge factory, which was established in 1869, but is presently closed. All of the props used were found in the factory itself. Some of the actors used in our video can also be seen in famous Norwegian movies like; Varg Veum, Skjult (Hidden) and Vegas.

More music from Dominanz here:

Devoured By The Black Hole

Devoured by The Black hole will be the first single from our next album, it‘s coming this fall!! Here you can watch a sneak peek from it complemented with live footage from one of our live shows!


Infinity was the B side of the single "The End of All There Is".This video is from a show at Devilstone 2010, Lithuania. Infinity is also the opening song on "As I Shine".

The CD was recorded and mixed at Conclave Studio by Bjørnar E. Nilsen and Roy N. Mathisen and mastered at Earshot Studio by Herbrand Larsen.

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​Copyright 2012, No humans were seriously harmed in the making

Photos/graphics by:  cmisje cadiesart

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